Keep bad weather from ruining your upcoming camping trip. All you need are a few pointers and tricks to prepare for bad weather. Even if the weather prediction calls for beautiful skies, keep these suggestions in mind from an experienced outdoor adventurer and explorer, Oliver Wiegard.

Keep Everyone Dry in the Tent

On a rainy day, you can do a few things to stay dry while sleeping in a tent. Make sure your tent has a fly, which deters rain and keeps any opening dry. The fly should be waterproof and cover your tent’s windows and other openings. Rain gets easily into your tent if it is not covered securely.

Position the guy lines away from the shelter when erecting your tent. It is a must for the fly to be nicely taut to let the water drain off easily. You need to set up the tarp even if it is not predicted to rain because the weather might change suddenly.

Set Up Your Tent in the Best Possible Location

Select a campsite away from a river or lake. It should be elevated. Waking up in three inches of water during a downpour is not fun. Getting yourself out of your sleeping bag on gloomy mornings is easier if your tent faces the rising sun.

And whatever you do, avoid locating your camp near a tree. Even after the rain has stopped, showers will continue to fall on your head, and if the wind kicks up overnight, fallen limbs could hurt you.

Shield Your Tent with Tarps

If it rains, tarping your location will help keep you dry. Bring at least two tarps—one for your picnic table or eating area and another for extra protection over your tent—in case of inclement weather.

Always set up a slanted roof to let the water run off and tie your tarp as tightly as possible to prevent it from flying in the wind. Your picnic table can be covered with a tarp so that you can cook and eat your food without getting wet. Additionally, it is the ideal place to settle down and stay dry.

Remember to bring your favorite rainy-day activities like playing cards, arts and crafts, board games, and others. These items can make your dreary camping trip more enjoyable and exciting.

A Wet and Windy Hike

Hiking should continue even if it starts to rain. As long as you bring the right gear, hiking in the rain may be a rewarding experience. Make sure you are prepared with things like rain pants and hiking boots.

Stay away from trekking if the forecast predicts bad weather, such as high winds, heavy rain, lightning, and thunder. Keep to the path and watch your step if the ground is wet.

Have that Optimistic Attitude All the Time

Camping, rain or shine, is the ideal way to enjoy all that nature has to offer! Do not let the rain prevent you from having fun. If you have a question or want to share your experience and hacks, feel free to comment below.

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