Personalized jewelry has become more and more popular in the last couple of years because women started craving for being special, elegant and unique. Among the most popular pieces of jewelry that can be personalized with an engraving of some kind are rings, bracelets as well as bar necklaces and Russian ring necklaces that are also great souvenirs you can bring back home from your travel. However, name necklaces like the ones you can see here are also quite trendy and fashionable.

1.    Be careful when buying name necklaces

Wearing name necklaces takes a lot of courage because you must be aware that all people will be able to see your name and this is precisely why some women feel reluctant when they need to be bold and put a necklace like that around their necks. Customizable necklaces are easy to find but you must pay attention to quality as well because there are some necklaces on the market that are just plated with silver or gold and they will soon lose their shine and color in general if you wear them daily.

Another problem that you might have is a very thin chain that can easily break, hence you really need to be careful if you are planning to wear your name necklace every day. What’s more, even if it’s a name necklace sterling silver, you can find tutorials and guidelines on how to clean them in order to get the shine back, but be careful with online tutorials when it comes to gold because you can truly ruin the necklace.

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2.    What makes name necklaces so popular?

Name necklaces are perfect presents and travel souvenirs because they can always remind you on the city or the place where you bought them. However, if you want to make sure that you are buying a high-quality present, you can look for online jewelry store where you can get a name necklace in gold, rose gold and sterling silver. Even though gold name necklaces are the most popular, because yellow is the color of the summertime and it’s currently the most trendy color of all, you can focus on getting the one you like the most.

What makes these name necklaces unique is the very fact you can get them in various different fonts including personalized Old English which truly looks powerful. What’s more, you can get amazing name necklaces with different pendants including hear and unicorn ones.

3.    Make name necklaces even more unique

If you want even more custom made necklaces with names, because the traditional ones are so plain, then you can always go for name necklaces written in Arabic letters. These are truly unique and you can’t get more unique than that. What’s even better, not everyone will be able to read your name so you can still be mysterious when meeting someone new.

In addition to these necklaces, there are those personalized interlocked in love heart name necklaces that are so incredibly romantic and they can truly make a lady keep loving memories of the travel and of a person who put it around her neck.

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