Nowadays, there are a lot of apps that list several accommodations to choose from. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Airbnb and These platforms have a significant list of different types of accommodations anywhere in the world.

But did you know that Huawei can do the same, too? With Huawei’s Panorama Kit, searching and booking accommodations are way more accessible and hassle-free. Let’s get to know more about this kit and why it’s better to use it on your next trip.

What is a Panorama Kit?

The Panorama Kit is one of the many kits available under Huawei’s Travel and Transport Solutions for its users. This is to aid their accommodation needs whenever they’re traveling anywhere in the world. It’s a perfect platform to search for hotels, apartments, and guesthouses that would fit your personal preference.

Benefits of Using Panorama Kit

Provides Specific Description of the Hotel and its Amenities

When looking for a comfortable place to stay when traveling, we should know the background and credibility of the accommodation we’re booking. One should know what they offer, the perks of the area, the amenities that one can enjoy for free. All these are some of the questions we always have in mind before booking.

Good thing, with the panorama kit, you get specific lists of the amenities offered by the hotel, including hotel guidelines, do’s and don’ts, and even travel tips. Comparing it with other hotels is now easier, especially when picking which one to choose.

Provides True-To-Life Visuals (Virtual Tour)

As curious as we are, we always like to see the rooms that the hotel offers. It’s still different when you see its actual physical form than just reading the description. With the power of the panorama kit, it can take you to a digital tour where you could view the rooms and the hotel’s amenities straight from your phone. 

It really leveled up than just watching still pictures. The digital tour feels like you’re there doing a site inspection inside the hotel. It’s a perfect way to gauge whether or not the hotel met your preferences.

Accepts Huawei Pay

All hotels featured in the panorama kit accept payments via Huawei Wallet Kit. No need to take out your card and input card details. With the wallet kit, you can already book or reserve the hotel room that you like for your next trip.

Your transaction will be much more secured and safe. Rest assured that your hotel room is now waiting for you on your date of arrival. Fast, efficient, and straight to the point.

Booking hotels can be challenging, especially if you don’t have an idea which one to pick. But with the panorama kit, it helps you make the right decision on which hotel to stay. You’ll find reviews as well that you can check to see how the hotel’s overall service is.

For more information about the Huawei Panorama Kit, feel free to visit their official website or contact their friendly Customer Service. 

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